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New Jersey Trial Lawyers Fight for Clients’ Child Custody Rights

Jersey City attorneys understand how to protect parental rights in a divorce

Long after a divorce, both parents usually stay intricately involved in their children’s lives. Assuming there is no good reason for denying either spouse their parental rights, you and your ex-spouse will be involved in child-rearing activities until your children are fully grown. At Miller, Meyerson & Corbo in Jersey City, we understand how vital it is for parents to preserve and foster relationships with their children. Child custody and visitation orders govern who will see the children in the morning, pick them up at school, tuck them in at night and celebrate with them on birthdays and holidays. We strive to negotiate fair and workable custody and visitation arrangements.

Experienced counsel explain New Jersey child custody and visitation

Child custody has two components: legal custody (the right to make educational, health, religious, and other important decisions) and physical custody (actual time with the children). After a divorce in New Jersey, legal custody is usually shared. Physical custody, on the other hand, may be granted jointly or primarily to one parent. Among other factors, a court considers the parents’ fitness, their homes’ proximity to each other and their ability and willingness to cooperate in the parenting arrangement. Child support is generally paid to the parent of primary residence (PPR) by the parent of alternate residence (PAR).

In some cases, third parties (such as grandparents, uncles and aunts) may be awarded parenting time especially if they have close relationship with the children.

Crafting co-parenting plans to minimize conflict for the children’s benefit

Our creative attorneys work to structure co-parenting arrangements that account for the needs of the children, the parents’ finances, and the goal of maintaining quality relationships. Though it is impossible for foresee all of life’s events that may be disruptive, a well thought out co-parenting plan can minimize the opportunities for conflict between ex-spouses. A co-parenting plan sets out a schedule of time spent with each parent, including weekends, holidays, birthdays and other special events. It also specifies such routine events as school drop-offs and pick-ups, doctors’ visits and recreational activities. We are experienced at crafting plans that are both fair and workable.

Contact an experienced New Jersey attorney to fight for your rights as a parent

At Miller, Meyerson & Corbo, we’ll fight for your rights to preserve your relationship with your children and to maintain custody and/or visitation. We can assess your situation quickly and reliably and begin immediately to advocate in your behalf. To schedule a consultation at our Jersey City office, call 201-333-9000 or contact us online.