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Experience counts when providing counsel on ending a marriage in New Jersey

Divorce, while marking the end of an unhappy marriage, is also an opportunity to start a new life on the best terms possible. Achieving that goal can be eased by retaining experienced counsel who will assert and protect your property interests and parental rights. At Miller, Meyerson & Corbo in Jersey City, our family law attorneys have a long history of effectively advocating for clients in divorce cases. We are skilled negotiators who work for beneficial out-of-court resolutions, but we are always ready to take a case to trial if that is the best path to a just outcome.

Knowledgeable attorneys explain NJ divorce law

Divorce, also known as dissolution, can be quick and simple or a drawn-out, contentious affair. Most divorces are based on no-fault grounds, which in New Jersey are known as irreconcilable differences. The spouse filing for divorce simply alleges that the marriage has been broken beyond repair for at least six months. No physical separation is required. Traditional fault grounds — such as adultery, extreme cruelty, desertion or imprisonment — are rarely invoked since they generally do not affect the outcome.

A no-fault divorce can certainly be contested. The parties may disagree about alimony, property, child custody and child support. At Miller, Meyerson & Corbo, we focus on protecting our clients’ custodial rights and their time with the children. We also work to enhance our clients’ financial well-being. In other words, we make sure that our clients are treated fairly in any post-divorce scenario.

Lawyers pursue fairness in alimony and equitable distribution

New Jersey follows the rule of equitable distribution, which means that instead of a straight 50-50 split of marital property, a court may decide that one spouse deserves more, considering the couple’s relative incomes, outstanding debts and separately owned assets. A critical part of equitable distribution is determining whether property is “marital” or “separate.” Generally, all income earned and assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage — except for gifts and inheritances — are considered marital in nature. Property owned by the spouses before the marriage remains separate but earnings on that property may be considered marital.  Furthermore, an increase in that property’s value during the marriage may be subject to division. We have wide experience in classifying and evaluating property to assist the court in a distribution that serves our clients’ interests.

Alimony is awarded in New Jersey as a means of helping a non-earning or lower-earning spouse make the transition to an independent livelihood. The award is usually temporary in duration. There is no set equation for spousal support in New Jersey but the court will consider a list of factors specified by statute and “[a]ny other factors the court may deem relevant.” Whether we represent the paying or receiving spouse, we make sure the spousal support order is fair and based on the evidence.

Attorneys adept at mediation and collaborative divorce

In New Jersey, mediation is a mandatory step in any divorce where property, support or custody issues are contested. That means the spouses must seek a resolution through a neutral third-party — usually, a professional family law mediator. In the vast majority of cases, this process is successful and avoids litigation. We represent clients at the mediation table to be sure their interests are fully protected.

Another alternative is collaborative divorce. The spouses and their attorneys work together, with the aid of hired experts, to forge a comprehensive agreement on property and support. The parties and attorneys agree to seek an out-of-court solution. If they fail, the same attorneys cannot represent their clients at trial. Child custody arrangements must be approved by the court as in the child’s best interests.

Contact our Jersey City divorce lawyers for experienced representation

At Miller, Meyerson & Corbo, our team is made up of trial lawyers who have successfully fought for clients for decades. We can assess your case quickly and reliably and provide effective advocacy geared toward achieving the best possible result. To schedule a consultation in Jersey City, call 201-333-9000] or contact us online.